Just Basics


Addressing basic needs & social justice in our community


Just Basics is the parent organization of both the Montpelier Food Pantry and Feast (formerly the Montpelier Home Delivery Program). Just Basics, Inc. brings together and structures programs that work with members of the greater Montpelier area to address their basic needs and confront cycles of injustice.


Due to an abundance of food thanks to generous corporate and individual donors, the Montpelier Food Pantry will be expanding access during the months of February and March. We are not currently taking income information or requiring participants to register–all we ask is a sign in for our records and grant writing purposes. We serve the communities of Montpelier, E. Montpelier, Calais, Middlesex, Berlin, Worcester & Adamant and are happy to welcome ANYONE from those communities having trouble meeting food bills this winter. We’re also expanding to weekly visits from our usual monthly visit restriction. So please, come as much as once a week and take what you need but be mindful of others. We are located at Trinity United Methodist Church, 137 Main Street, Montpelier. See you soon, neighbors!

from Executive Director, Jaime Bedard


We continue to operate on a limited basis in the Trinity Fellowship Hall as reconstruction nears completion in our basement spaces. Our hours are Tues 10-12, W, TH, and F 10-11. (No Wed evening hours until we get back to our regular space).  We will let you know when the construction is complete.  We appreciate your continued support, donations of food and money.  Thank you!

Board of Directors
Steve Stoufer, President
Victoria King, Vice President
Kerry DeMartino, Treasurer
Tim Noonan, Secretary
Joseph Kiefer
Kimberley Lashua